Sunday, 11 June 2017

Rain Rain and More Rain!

A late start on Saturday was planned due to most of us being out the night before enjoying the last day of TT 2017. Ray kindly picked me up so i did not have to drive through from Peel first thing, after a rather late night, it was definitly a good move. By the time we reached the NSC at 8 o'clock the rain was fair bouncing which seems to of been the norm for the last week. Andy had already arrived and Dave was not long after, all of us deciding to sit in the shelter of our cars. Rich arrived on foot and was not long climbing into Dave's car for shelter. A discussion was then held, through slightly lowered windows as to whether we should man up and venture out for a lap of Baldwin or head straight for breakfast in The Caff. After some discussion we did indeed man up and headed off towards Mount Rule. The rain eased off and was as good as stopped once half way round the 10 mile loop, getting out and plodding round was the right call. This was the last Saturday walk, obviously, before the Parish so pace and distance were irrelevant.

Apart from a stroll on Tuesday evening I will not do anything now before the event. The next week will be spent insuring all my kit is ready, that I have batteries and spares for my head torch and rear lights and any last bits of food stuff have been purchased and prepared.

I cant believe it is now only 6 days until we line up at the National Sports Centre to start the 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk. Numbers and Timing Chips will be available from the NSC on Thursday 1730 - 2030hrs and Friday 1730 - 1930hrs........... See you all there!

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