Friday, 9 June 2017

Nights........ Done! (again)

Thankfully I am at the end of another set of nights. I was supposed to be doing an extra one for one of the guys that wanted to enjoy Senior Race day without the knowledge of having to come to work at 2300hrs Friday night, however, I have managed to pass the shift on to one of the other guys who covers for us when required so my weekend can start as soon as I finish here in a couple of hours’ time. I have convinced Christine that we should take the girls out for some lunch, more likely down south, as it looks like the bikes will go ahead today judging by the morning that is breaking outside of my office window, this way I can have a few drinks with lunch and hopefully continue with the drinking once back in Peel for the evening.

Training has been the normal Tuesday and Thursday sessions over Marine Drive this week so far. The plan for Saturday is to do a loop of Baldwin before breakfast at The Caff. I have not felt 100% this week with a slight stomach bug and also a cough developing over the last few days. It is more likely to be just the body out of balance from working the last 7 Nights and trying to get some sleep during the day which hasn't really gone to plan. Christine alters and badges up racing leathers as well as working at Penny Bridge Stables so each day there has been callers dropping off or picking up leathers that have needed work carried out so sleeping during the day has not been easy.

With only a week now until the start of the 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk I have started buying what's needed, food wise, so I can start to put a box together of everything required on the day. I will also get any medical bits and bobs this weekend and have them boxed up ready. It’s surprising how quick certain things go off the shelves, leading up to the Parish, with 1400 competitors all wanting blister plasters, Vaseline, sports drinks etc. it’s not hard to see why.

Christine has asked that I try and find someone to either do support for the last part of the race or at least someone that will go with her for the last part. I know last year she was not comfortable driving in the dark, keeping an eye out for me and also having to be careful where she was parking and swinging doors open. My Daughter ended up jumping in the car with her at the Dhoon but this was totally unplanned so this year I will try and sort something out. It really is a long day for the support crews. Last year Christine met me on the Oatlands Road in Santon, probably 1.5hrs into the walk, and stuck with me then till the finish in Douglas approx. 16.5hrs later. I would like to think I will complete the event in a similar time this year so she is more than aware there is another 16 hours or more, sitting in a car, to look forward too next weekend, the least I can do is try and find her either some relief or company for the last few hours.

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